Hustle Hard Global teams up with Far East Basketball Association (FEBA) as the biggest education fee support partner for the program. This partnership has encouraged student-athletes to strive and achieve the best grades in order to be eligible for selection.

Charlse Kiragu, 15, was the first student to be selected by Hustle Hard. Kiragu is from Kayole, Kenya and attends Matungulu High School. Since being admitted into the program, he has made school's varsity team as a freshman student and helped his team reach the regional finals; something that has never happened in the history of Matungulu High School. A few months later, he was selected to be part of the Jr. NBA Kenya team that was invited to South Africa for the Jr. NBA Africa Festival.

Hustle Hard Global has not only provided financial support for the student athlete's’ education, but they have also been able to impart mentorship; teaching them quality skills and life lessons that can be applied both on and off the court. Through this effort, FEBA has been able to groom the athleticism of Kiragu to the level that they are been called to the u -16 National team selection.

Kiragu and his coach, Zedekia Ong’ang’a, were able to travel to South Africa. Meeting coaches and players from different programs around Africa such as the Seed program from Senegal, Royale Baforkeng program from South Africa and Hope program in Zimbabwe was unforgettable. “The most memorable part of the trip was the NBA Africa game. Seeing the stars playing was a big motivation that meant it was possible to play at that high level.”